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Cactus Intertie

The Cactus Intertie is the worlds largest linked amateur radio repeater network. Covering most of the south west US, the Cactus Intertie links more than 150 repeaters and provides very wide area communications infrastructure.

The Bay-Net system is sponsored by the Northern California Cactus Radio Association (NCCRA) and Sierra Radio Systems.  In 2005, the board of NCCRA voted to take two of the Cactus UHF repeater’s in the bay area, link them together and create an open repeater system covering the San Francisco bay area including San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley and the surrounding areas.  The system is used by the American Red Cross, ARES and other public service organizations for events and emergency communications.  All radio amateurs are welcome to use the system.  Sierra Radio Systems donated the control systems, radio and computer equipment to build out the system.  Since it’s inception, Bay-Net has added a 2m repeater (145.390), a 900 Mhz repeater (927.8625), a D-Star digital repeater (444.075), and IRLP/Echolink VOIP services.

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If you have any questions about the system please drop us an email at...

i n f o @ b a y - n e t . o r g

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You can keep informed about club activities and system status by joining our yahoo group.  Drop us an email at the address above and ask to join the group.

Sierra Radio Systems

SRS makes high performance repeater control systems.  These systems were designed as the new generation linking control system for the Cactus Intertie.  They are now used by dozens of amateur radio repeater groups and government agencies.