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Information about the D-Star digital radio systems and our

D-Star compatible repeater.

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Repeater Control Systems

The heart of the Bay-Net network is the Sierra Radio repeater control system.  These controllers support up to 8 ports and can be used for repeaters, links, IRLP nodes, remote base stations, etc.

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How to Identify Digital Phone Modes on VHF/UHF

By David Witkowski, W6DTW

This presentation provides recorded audio and pictures of spectra of various digital systems so that hams without digital gear can identify the modes they might hear on VHF/UHF bands

Covers: D-Star, APCO Project 25 “P25”, NXDN, DMR Tier 2 (functionally akin to MotoTRBO

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Introduction to D-Star

By George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU

This presentation is an overview of the D-Star digital radio system, how it works, and how we built our own non-Icom D-Star compatible repeater system.

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Microcontroller Apps for Ham Radio Projects

By George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU

This presentation is an introduction to using microcontrollers for ham radio projects.  Several examples are illustrated using the HamStack microcontroller platform.

Presented at Pacificon 2011.

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Building an Inexpensive D-Star Compatible Repeater

By Rich Timpa, KC6OBJ

This presentation shows how to build your own D-Star repeater and introduces you to many new advanced D-Star features including ircDDB, MONLINK, G2 gateway and STARnet.

Presented at Pacificon 2011.

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Portable J-Pole Antennas for VHF & UHF

By Edison Fong, WB6IQN

Learn to build a highly portable J-Pole antenna from common 300 Ohm twin lead wire.  This is an inexpensive, high-performance dual-band base antenna that costs less thn $10.  

Ed Fong, explains how its done in these informative articles.

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70cm Control of R/C Aircraft With FPV Flying

By Jason Howard, K6DGN - Presented at Pacificon 2013

Using 70cm digital spread spectrum technology to achieve very long range R/C control in addition to onboard video transmitters allowing the flying of a model as if you were sitting in the cockpit. Jason Howard will go over hardware options, cost of entry, frequencies, legalities, antennas, and different types of models.                                                                         Download >>

Rig Control Using IoS and Android

By Nick Garner, N3WG - Presented at Pacificon 2013

This presentation will show the lessons learned and methods employed to enable smartphones and mobile tablets to control amateur radios. We will look at the journey taken by N3WG of Pignology, LLC to enable rig control using a small hardware device called Pigtail within his logging application "HamLog" on iOS, Android and Mac OSX.                                                     View the Video >>

How To Build an HF Antenna Analyzer for Under $50

By Beric Dunn, K6BEZ - Presented at Pacificon 2013

This presentation will show how to construct and use an HF Antenna Analyzer using a Windows PC, micro-controller, and DDS evaluation board - total cost (less the PC) of the necessary components is under $50.

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Building a Remotely Controlled Amateur Radio Station

By George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU - Presented at Pacificon 2013

There are many options for remote radio control and audio streaming but what about the rest of the station?  In this presentation will discuss remote station control requirements and look at how George, KJ6VU, developed a station control system to monitor and control the remote station's environment.

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Amateur Radio with Linux

By David Ranch, KI6ZHD - Presented at Pacificon 2013

This talk is meant to to interest both the Linux novice as well as the Linux expert.  We cover what's available for Amateur Radio that can be run on Linux covering a broad array of interests.  You will learn how you can try Linux on your own computer without touching your hard drive!                                                                                                               Download>>

Portable 20 Meter Delta Loop

By Mike Yamamoto, KI6OID

Mike walks you through the construction of a 20 meter wire delta loop antenna and mounting base.  This antenna has been used at our antenna shootout and Field Day events.  It has excellent low noise performance and is very portable for it’s size and performance.

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KJ6VU Go Kit

By George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU

A new take on the modular Go Kit.  Inspired by KE7HLR, this system shows how to create a modular system that will keep your gear organized and ready for any field operating opportunity.  A short day hike, overnight camp out or serious Field Day event.  This is rev 1 so look for more updates.

PackTenna - Portable Wire HF Antenna System

George KJ6VU

The PackTenna is a modular, portable HF wire antenna system that can be configured as a dipole, vertical quarter wave ground plane, inverted bee, random long wire, etc.  System components include fiberglass mast, wire elements, balun, UNUN, in-line choke and light weight hardware.

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Building a CobWeb Antenna - Compact Multi-Band HF Dipole

John, KJ6K

The cobwebb is a 5 band (14 to 28 MHz) antenna that is small, lightweight, strong, only requires a single support, needs no rotator, and gives full size dipole performance on all 5 HF bands with an omni directional pattern.  This presentation shows improvements to the basic design and parts list.

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Automated HF Antenna Shootout - Methods and Results

Beric, K6BEZ

This presentation shows the method developed by Beric, K6BEZ, to measure the relative performance of HF antennas using JT65.  The hardware and software developed automatically switches between two antennas while running the test.  Results are gathered from listening stations around the world.

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Building a Battery Pack for an ID-51 Radio

Jason K6DGN

High capacity 5v batteries are widely available for mobile phones and tablets.  In this presentation, Jason build a battery power pack combining these batteries with a DC boost converter that will bring the output voltage up to the voltage needed to power and charge an ID-51 and just about any other HT.

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Analysis of SLA and LiFePo4 Batteries for Portable Operations

Jeremy, KF7IJZ

KF7IJZ has spent his entire career as an amateur living in antenna restricted conditions. Nearly all of his HF activity has been portable. Jeremy started operating with Honda generators but quickly grew tired of lugging fuel and the fumes. He began fielding portable solar panels with sealed lead-acid batteries, but the weight and performance characteristics of of AGM batteries were undesirable. He began to explore lithium based batteries and arrived at LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) as the superior portable amateur radio battery technology. Join Jeremy as he compares the performance characteristics of AGM and LiFePO4 batteries for amateur radio purposes.

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Remote Radio Control with Wizkers

Ed Lafargue, W6ELA

Edouard has developed a powerful open source software tool kit called Wizkers. These tools have been used to create nuclear radiation monitoring systems used all over the world. Now Edouard has applied the Wizkers software to make remote ham radio control software. This presentation is an intro to Wizkers and remote radio operation.   Download>>

Amateur Radio in the Bands Above 1 GHz

Brian Yee, W6BY

Operating in the amateur microwave bands is an often overlooked part of our hobby, but it can be fun, technically challenging and rewarding.  Brian will describe activity in the microwave ham bands, how to get started and operating techniques.

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Building Your Own RF Test Equipment

Beric, K6BEZ

The RTL SDR can be used for more than just receiving signals. With the addition of a wide band noise source and a directional coupler, and free open source cross platform software, this session will show you how to make filter measurements and antenna measurements using your $20 SDR dongle

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Presentations and Articles

J-Pole Antenna Design

Ed Fong, WB6IQN

Edson Fong if famous for his rollup J-pole antennas. His latest design is a tri-band model covering 2m, 220 and UHF. Ed shares tells us about his unique design in this presentation.

Dr. Fong teaches graduate classes in RF design at UC Santa Cruz and holds a BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, he has 12 patents and over 40 published papers and books in the area of communications and integrated circuit design.    Download>>

Ham Radio 101 - New Technician

Jason K6DGN, George KJ6VU

“Ham Radio 101” for new Technician class licensees focuses on VHF and UHF equipment, operating, and best practices.  You got your tech, now what !??!?!

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Ham Radio 201 - New General / Extra

David W6DTW, Beric K6BEZ

“Ham Radio 201” for new General and Extra class licensees focuses on HF equipment, operating, and best practices.  You upgraded, now what !??!?!

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Ham Radio 301 - Portable HF Operations

Nick, N3WG

“Ham Radio 301” is an “upper division” course covering aspects of portable HF radio operations including radios, antennas, logging, accessories, etc.

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A Practical Guide to Designing Ham Radio Projects With PIC Microcontrollers

This presentation gives a broad overview of microcontrollers, parts selection, hardware and software development tools and simple examples.  

By George Zafiropoulos, KJ6VU

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San Bruno Fire - “The First 40 Minutes”   (Pacificon 2010)

This presentation describes the American Red Cross communications response to the tragic San Bruno fire.  The Bay-Net system was the main communications link between the Red Cross offices, San Bruno EOC, ICP and evacuation centers.  Presented at Pacificon 2010 by Rob Goodson, N2RAG, of the American Red Cross.

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Your Personal Go Kit

Personal Go Kit for Emergency Communications.  This is a great PDF file created by Dan O’Connor KE7HLR delivered at EMCOMWEST

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