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D-STAR New User Registration

All D-Star users must be registered to use the D-Star network.  Until you register, you will be able to listen to a D-Star repeater but not transmit into the network.  Follow these instructions and you will be on the D-Star network in just a few hours.


Point your browser to

Go to the New user section of the page and enter your CALL SIGN

Make sure you enter the call sign in ALL CAPS.

Then enter your name: First Last

Enter a valid email address

And a password: which you must remember.

Click OK

Your registration will need to be approved before you can proceed to the next step. Check back in a few hours and confirm you can log in using the information you provided in Step One.


Go back to the Web Page..

Login with your CALL SIGN and password..

Then go to the "Personal Information" page..

Check the BOX to the left of your call sign # 1

Enter a SPACE in the Initial BOX

Enter your call sign in lower case in the pcname field and

Press the "update" button.

As you can see you have the option of assigning different modifications to your call sign with different names and IP numbers.

Then hit the "Logout" button on the top of the page.

You should be ready to go in a few hours worldwide!

Although you are registering on the WW6BAY site, you will now be able to use any D-Star repeater anywhere in the world.