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Field Day 2013

This year we did field day at Henry Coe State Park.  We worked HF, 6m, and 2m SSB, CW and PSK.  We also saw the International Space Station pass directly overhead on both Friday and Saturday night.  We tuned in to the data transmissions from the ISS on 145.825 MHz. We had about 30 attend this year’s Field Day with about 10 people over-night

Bay-Net Field Day crew and visitors at the start of the contest.

George N6NKT (Red Cross), Nick N3WG (Pignology), Bill KJ6DG, David W6DTW (Wireless Communications Alliance), Wayne N6KR (Elecraft), Beric K6BEZ, Chris KK6EWR, Suresh W6KTM (Computer Association of Nepal), John KJ6K (Sierra Radio Systems), Jason K6DGN, Alex KI6MOX.  Not pictured: George KJ6VU.

We had quite an assortment of antennas.  Starting on the left with a 2 element beam on 20 meters.  The vertical in the middle is a 30’ tall fiberglass telescoping pole with a wire for an antenna.  Radials go in all directions at the base and there is a portable case with an SGC-237 auto tuner at the base making this a great all band antenna.  The far right is the feedpoint for our all band dipole

Lots of cars and antennas.                                           Red Cross vehicle

Wayne N6KR, Jason K6DGN, Chris KK6EWR

Nick N3WG, Bill KJ6DG

Beric K6BBZ, David W6DTW

Wayne N6KR and KX3 radio

George N6NKT

Suresh W6KTM, John KJ6K discuss how

The multi-band HF vertical antenna works.

Left: Solar charge controller

Right: 2m/440 and D-Star base radio in a case

Two of the 3 solar panel systems powering Field Day.

We were generating 8-10 amps of 12 VDC power to recharge our batteries.

All logging was done using Pignology’s HamLog

Program on iPads and a Macbook AIR as the

Logging server collecting QSO’s from all stations.

Sunday morning was cool and wet.  Time to pack up and

Start planning for Field Day 2014 !

20M Yagi

All band HF vertical

HF Dipole

… and Happy Birthday Rich, KC6OBJ !

Field Day 2013


Check out this cool aerial video of our 2013 Field Day shot by Jason, K6DGN, from his tri-copter using a GoPro camera