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Field Day 2017

Saturday June 24

Mockingbird Hill Park Entrance

To the Almaden Quicksilver County Park

Map to the site

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General Info

Field Day is an annual operating event when we take our radio gear out to the field and try to work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. At field day you can...

- Try a new mode - HF, SSB, CW, D-Star, PSK, microwave, etc.

- Get your gear ready for emergency communications situation

- Learn to setup HF and VHF antennas in the field.

- Hone your operating skills by making lots of contacts.

- Learn contest logging skills.

- Shoot the breeze with your fellow ham radio operators.


What stations are typically operating?

We typically run 3 or 4 operating positions (or bands) at the same time.  HF SSB, HF CW, 6m/2m/440 SSB.  In the past years we have also set up satellite, PSK, microwave, D-Star and other modes.  We will also do some of these interesting modes as well.

Who should attend?

Our Field Day event is open to anyone interested in ham radio. New hams, or old timers, everyone is welcome.  While you are welcome to drop in, we really appreciate some advanced warning so we can plan properly.  Please send and email to and let us know.  We will add you to the field day mailing list.  Or you can find it yourself by going to YahooGroups and searching for “field_day”.

What should I bring?

It depends on what you want to do.  

If you are coming up for a few hours to check things out, you really don’t need to bring anything but we highly recommend…

- Sunscreen & hat

- Water

- Folding chair

If you plan to stay over night (and you are very welcome to do that), you will need to bring your own camping gear

- Tent or RV with sleeping bag, pad, etc.

- Table & chairs

- Lantern, paper towels, trash bag, water

- Food, water, drinks, snacks, cooler, etc.  You take care of your own food.

- First aid kit

- Did I mention water?  Yeah, bring some of that.

Can I bring something to donate to the effort?

We always welcome additional high capacity batteries (we mean your typical car or RV battery) and ICE.  Lots of ICE.

What about radios and antennas?

You will be using the stations we have set up for the contest.  If you have your own gear that you want to operate, that is fine also.

However, we need to coordinate all transmitters so there is no interference to the contest stations.  For example, if you want to bring your satellite setup and operate while the contest stations are working HF, no problem.  If you want to run some contacts on 40 fone, and we already have a station on 40m, then forget it.

I have never worked HF, let alone a contest.  Can I operate?

Absolutely !  You gotta start somewhere and this is just the place!  If you are a total noob and have never worked HF you will learn quickly.  We will walk you through the steps.  It’s really easy.


Should I bring my wife / husband / child / dog / visiting relative to field day?

It depends on their tolerance for ham radio and hanging around.  They are more than welcome but what seems like a load of fun for us hams, can be pretty deadly dull for normal people.  If you bring people or animals with you, please respect the fact that this is a radio-centric event, not a general purpose camp out.

I want to be fashion-forward at Field Day.  Where can I get decked out?

You can buy loads of cool Field Day junk here at the ARRL web site.


On-air coordination and talk-in will be on the Bay-Net repeater system.

145.390 PL 100.0

443.225 PL 100.0

927.8625  DPL 023

443.975 PL 100.0

Mailing list coordination

We have a special Yahoogroup mailing list for Field Day coordination.  Drop us an email at

info @ (removing the spaces) and we will gladly add you to the mailing list.


Past Field Days

Other useful resources


This is a free event but please let us know if you are planning to attend by clicking here.  This way we can get an idea of how many people will participate.

We will have Pizza on Saturday evening.
If you are interested please purchase your pizza ticket here as well.

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