Amateur Radio Club & Repeater Network






Bay-Net is an open amateur radio repeater system providing wide-area coverage for public service events and emergency communications. All radio amateurs are welcome to use the system. The system includes 2m, UHF and 900 MHz linked analog repeaters, a D-Star digital repeater, Echolink, and IRLP VOIP services.

Bay-Net provides communications for the American Red Cross and other organizations. If you are interested in using the system for a special event, contact us through the About Us page.

All analog repeaters are connected together 24x7.  If you go into one repeater you will be re-transmitted on all repeaters.  The repeater network can be reconfigured by control operators to support special events.

Southbay Site

The south bay repeater site sits at 2800’ above Palo Alto and

provides excellent coverage throughout Santa Clara valley,

with mobile coverage as far south as Morgan Hill and as far north as San Francisco and Oakland.

Bay-Net 1   443.225  PL 100.0  + 5 Mhz offset    (Linked)

Bay-Net 3   927.8625  DPL 023  - 25 Mhz offset, 2.5 Khz narrow band, no Hear Clear  (Linked)

Bay-Net 4   145.390  PL 100.0  - 600 Khz offset  (Linked)

Bay-Net 5   444.075  D-Star digital repeater

Bay-Net 6   444.425  PL 127.3  + 5 Mhz offset (Yaesu System Fusion FM / C4FM)

IRLP node 3802

Eastbay Site

The east bay repeater site is located 1900’ above Oakland and Berkeley.  This site provides excellent coverage of the east bay, San Francisco, the mid-peninsula and parts of the north bay.

Bay-Net 2   443.975  PL 100.0  +5 Mhz offset      (Linked)