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Bay-Net is an open amateur radio repeater system providing wide-area coverage for public service events and emergency communications. All radio amateurs are welcome to use the system. The system includes 2m, UHF and 900 MHz linked analog repeaters, a D-Star digital repeater, Echolink, and IRLP VOIP services.

Bay-Net provides communications for the American Red Cross and other organizations. If you are interested in using the system for a special event, contact us through the About Us page.

For more in depth information on the system and other topics look at the articles section of the web site.

Southbay Repeaters

145.390     PL 100.0   Linked

443.225     PL 100.0   Linked

444.425     PL 127.3   Stand alone

927.8625   DPL 023    Linked

444.075     D-Star     Stand alone

IRLP node 3802

IRLP reflector 9096

EchoLink node 314933

EchoLink converence server WW6BAY-R

Eastbay Repeater

443.975     PL 100.0   Linked

Weekly Schedule

Sunday, 6 PM - Weekly American Red Cross communicators net

This net is to facilitate the planning and maintenance of the American Red Cross disaster communication plans and practices. It is intended as a forum for coordination between ARC, ARES, RACES, FEMA, and Homeland Security.

Sunday, 5 Minutes after the ARC net

Disaster Communicators Forum Net

Starts 5 minutes after the ARC net.  This forum is for those who recognize the need to share information: lessons learned, preparedness planning and disaster relief coordination.

These nets are hosted on the IRLP Western Reflector (channel 9257) and the Echolink DCF-ARC #336037. The system will auto-connect to the reflectors at 6 PM and auto-disconnect at 8 PM.

Monday, 9 PM  -  Amateur Radio News Line

Tuesday, 9 PM  -  A.R.R.L. Audio News

Wednesday, 7:45 PM  -  Orinda ARES net

Wednesday, 8 PM  -  American Red Cross Bay Area weekly net

The ARCBA forum is online at ARCBA Forum

This net will automatically connect to the IRLP Western Reflector (channel 9257) and the Echolink DCF-ARC #336037. The system will auto-connect to the reflectors at 8 PM and auto-disconnect at 10 PM.

Thursday, 8 PM  -  California Task Force 3 weekly net

Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 3 or CA-TF3 is a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Task Force based in Menlo Park, California. CA-TF3 is sponsored by the Menlo Park Fire Department.

Served agencies


Bay-Net Supports Urban-Shield

Check out pictures of

The Bay-Net 2013 Field Day

Field Day 2013

Check out this cool aerial video of our 2013 Field Day shot by Jason, K6DGN, from his tri-copter using a GoPro camera


News & Events

Bay-Net Antenna Shootout 2013

We held our “portable HF antenna shootout” at Hellyer Park in San Jose.

Jason shot this video from his quad-copter using a GoPro camera and Fatshark video glasses for a “first person” point of view.


Bay-Net Partners with CAN-USA to Build Radio Mala, Providing Emergency Communications Infrastructure to Nepal

Science and history tell us that an 8.0 Richter scale earthquake strikes Kathmandu roughly every 75 years, it has been 79 years since the last one. Casualties are expected to be in the hundreds of thousands in Kathmandu alone. Over a million people are expected to be displaced. The ability to communicate effectively in the immediate aftermath of a disaster saves lives. Nepal does not have a robust disaster telecommunications system. Nepal does not have ham radio infrastructure broadly available to the public. For years, CAN-USA has been working with world-renowned experts to help Nepal develop a viable disaster telecommunication system.

Ham radio has repeatedly shown its life-saving nature following massive disasters. CAN-USA seeks to develop, install, and make fully operational a network of ham radio stations around Kathmandu and Nepal. This network will be broadly available to the public. World-class institutions will be involved in developing, erecting, and utilizing this network to advance the long-term training of Nepalis in the use of ham radio for disaster communications. Partners include: The Computer Association of Nepal, Institute of Engineering at Tribhuvan University, Bay-Net, and the America Nepal Medical Foundation.                            More Info

Radio Mala

Field Day 2014 - June 27, 28, 29
You are invited !  Join us at
Almaden Quicksilver County Park
Details >>